Accounting for Exotic Dancers

At Sancus Tax and Accounting we are a professional accounting firm that specializes in working with exotic dancers and other professionals in the adult entertainment industry. We have a keen understanding of your line of work and the unique challenges you face when it comes to keeping the books and filing taxes. We know that the days of easy money and cash-under-the-table are part of a bygone era and that performers are professionals. We also know that in a line of work with fluctuating income, budgeting can be challenging and taxes get tricky.

That’s why our qualified staff can act as a trusted, confidential partner to clients in your industry. We are knowledgeable about how you can save money for a rainy day and still live the lifestyle you desire. Through our goals-based approach to your finances, we can guide you on tax strategies, investments, liquidity, estate planning and more in a judgment-free, confidential, discrete environment where you will be treated like the professional you are.

Accounting and Tax Services for Exotic Dancers

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